Mobile Work Accounting

MCA LogoAs people become more mobile in their professional life, they are using their Mobile Phone for business as well. Many professionals need to account for their time to bill their customers or keep track on how much time they use on projects or accounts for analysis. Benjamin Franklin, referring to the notion that time is valuable and money is wasted when a person's time is not used productively, once said:

Time is Money

The MCA App lets you account for your time on the one device that you have always with you. This application only reads phone Contact information and imports Call Log data. All data is maintained in a local database.

The user can export the history in either CSV or XML format which can be imported into Excel or other programs. The exported file can be emailed or transferred to Google Drive or other supported Cloud Storage.

MCA uses the built-in Contacts and Call Log in the Android phone as the basis for all time accounting. All data is imported into a local database to prevent accidental removal and unwanted updates to the phone. To accommodate a user friendly app we have implemented a 3 level data hierarchy: Groups - Contacts - Calls/Tasks

The user interface consists of several main screens that are accessed through Tabs in the top of the screen. You can simply slide them left and right for easy access. The tabs represent the functions that are used to control the main functions of MCA:

  • Groups - Manage MCA groups with their associated parameters.
  • Contacts - Manage contacts within available groups.
  • Calls - Manage the call history.
  • Tasks - Manage your tasks.
  • Export - Export MCA data for a selected timespan.
  • Options - Manage the system parameters.
  • Help - A basic help screen to get you started.

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